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This website has been created to provide first class support to entrepreneurs that chose to pursue a career in the Direct Sales/Network Marketing industry. Phase O.N.E Marketing Inc. was started in 2003 with the sole purpose of educating entrepreneurs on a standard curriculum used by some of the wealthy in the Network Marketing Industry. The acronym O.N.E in the name Phase O.N.E stands for “Outstanding Networking Entrepreneurs”, and the goal is to empower each other and become networking professionals. We want to increase the pie chart percentage of individuals who succeed in this industry versus those who fail due to a stereotype, lack of knowledge/understanding, up-line support or marketing. We may not change the industry in our lifetime, but our contribution will be enough to spark the minds of the entrepreneurs that will. Phase O.N.E Marketing Inc. has partnered with 5LINX to market telecommunications, energy along with health & wellness products and services for individuals to go into business for themselves for a very low startup; it is an opportunity for them to succeed and to achieve their personal dreams. 5LINX was conceived to serve its representatives, and to foster an atmosphere of accomplishment, achievement, cooperation and success.
5LINX simply provides a vehicle for people to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. Telecommunications, energy, along with health & wellness are the fastest growing industries that has never experienced a decrease in revenue in over 100 years. This opportunity presents a level playing field for us to deploy our mission of creating 500 millionaires. The marriage of Phase O.N.E Marketing Inc and 5LINX has created the “Perfect Storm” for the average person to achieve above average dreams and goals

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