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Top Performers

Top Personal Customers

- Deborah Bond (BAH) - 28pts
- Levitta Williams (BAH) - 16pts
- Annette Hill (GA) - 16pts
- Anya Lightbourne (BAH) - 11pts

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Top 5 Personal Recruiters

1. Dwight A. Cartwright (BAH)
2. Natalie Stinfil (FL)
3. Levitta Williams (BAH)

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Top 5 Recruiting State/Province

1. Florida
2. North Carolina
3. Indiana

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Topic: Testimonials & Quickstart
10-18-15: Team Training Call w/ PSVP Dwayne Johnson

Topic: Testimonials & Quickstart
10-11-15: Team Training Call w/ PSVP Dwayne Johnson


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