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fade-leftfade-rightSpotlight: Mid-September Top Performers

fade-leftfade-rightRising Stars

“Rebuilt A New Team!” (ED in 60 Days)

Qualified to Earn:
Staying the course recognition” by (Dwayne Johnson)

Current Occupation:
Retired from General Motors after 30 years.

Why did you join 5LINX?
I worked for 30 years and after retirement couldn’t find a job to fit my lifestyle. I love working with people in the community and wanted to focus my efforts on what I love to do. There was a fine line between doing what I wanted to do and doing what paid the bills. So, I…read more

Charlene Crosby - Lansing, Michigan 5LINX - Executive Director

Achievement: “15pts & ET in 25 DAYS!”

Qualified to Earn: ET Quick-start Bonus

Current Occupation: 
Clerk at Insurance company.

Why did you join 5LINX? 
To have time with family and be in a position to see my 7 grandchildren more often. They all live in Exuma and …. read more

Joyce Mills - Freeport, Bahamas 5LINX Executive Trainer

Top Personal Customers

- Angilee (MS) – 20pts
– Cedron Bain (BAH) – 17pts
– Thurman Norman (TN) – 15pts
– Daigee Jones – (TN) 13pts
– Marva Benjamin – (MI) 11pts
– GY Enterprises (GA) – 11pts
– Naomi Sweeting (FL) – 10pts

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Top 5 Personal Recruiters

1. Angilee Jones (MS)
2. Monique Leary (BAH)
3. Phillip Sturrup (BAH)
4. Jerri Shorter – (NC)
5. Randy Smith- (NC)

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Top 5 Recruiting State/Province

1. Florida (includes Bahamas)
2. Mississippi
3. North Carolina
4. Michigan
5. Alabama

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Topic: Quickstart, testimonials & international event discussion
9-21-14: Team Training Call w/SVP Carlos Bauta

Topic: Testimonials & Quickstart
9-14-14: Team Training Call w/PSVP Dwayne Johnson

Topic: Prospecting
8-24-14: Team Training Call w/PSVP Dwayne Johnson


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